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A backend platform to persist, sync, and stream data across time and space

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Accelerating the development of data-driven products

175 zettabytes of data worldwide by 2025.

That's roughly 340 billion iPhones (512 GB) worth of data. More users and businesses need this data in real-time. And developers need to deliver these data-driven products faster and more efficiently.

ZefHub provides a complete real-time, distributed backend with storage, coordination, and streaming. Less time spent on backend/data infra and debugging means more time delivering value to end users.

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Open sourced under Apache 2.0
A toolkit for data across time and space


A graph-relational database with time travel and traversals within a specific space (no multi-join SQL queries)


Create lazy, composable, remotely computable transformational data pipelines


Query directly in-code using native Python (more languages coming soon) with no separate query language


Create and host a GraphQL API with almost no impedance mismatch to the data model


Deal with effects in a controlled and understandable way


Build reactive systems through functional transformations and subscriptions of data streams

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Why ZefHub?

A real-time backend that collapses OLTP, OLAP, Warehouses, and Streams into one


Secure and robust cloud storage for all of your data


Automatically propagate updates to other machines and subscribers

Stream (coming soon)

Manage cloud streams and subscriptions throughout your system


Typically 15x faster reads, 100x faster response times, and 5x less code

What can you build with ZefHub?

Backend and ML engineers use ZefHub as a single source-of-truth for their domains

Real-time Apps

Build fraud, optimization, prediction, recommendation, or risk monitoring solutions with a real-time backend.

Analysis Platform

Empower your entire org to quickly explore and analyze data from multiple angles through their tool of choice.

Master Data Management

Build a unified domain model and reconcile data together from existing, siloed third-party systems.

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