The Python developer platform for complex data in real-time

ZefHub abstracts away common database and backend overhead while storing, managing, syncing, and propagating data in real-time.
Zef is a Python library for building end-to-end reactive systems and real-time applications.

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ZefHub was created to solve our own problems

While modeling and optimizing complex manufacturing processes, we were struggling with recurring data, database, and backend problems

Lots of time spent on repetitive data plumbing (loading, transforming, computing, writing data)

Maintaining strong consistency while keeping up with customer driven changes to the data model

Mutating data without a strong time model

Automatically and reactively propagating changes from a single source of truth

As software engineers, data engineers, and data scientists working with complex data in real-time, we just wanted something that works

A "serverless" experience with backend and database management abstracted away

Customized cache-friendly data model for blazing fast query performance

Strong data consistency with the flexibility to adapt to real-world changes

Explicit model of time baked in at the core for full versioning

Work with data locally directly in Python code with changes synced globally in real-time

ZefHub abstracts away the database and backend overhead so Python developers can build cool stuff with complex data

Current Stage


Testing with a closed set of users.


We'll gradually onboard more users, but be patient as we work out the kinks!


Stable for most non-enterprise use cases.

The Python developer platform for complex data in real-time

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